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How To Get People To Respond To Your Marketing!

The Answer Is Very Simple . . . Tell them what to do!

Tell people to act and make it easy for people to purchase. When you make it easy and give people as many options as possible, you'll experience an increase in sales.

In your marketing material, give people a variety of response options - call, fax, email, mail or visit a website. The reason why this works is because some people find it easier to pick up the phone and respond to an ad.

Others find it easier to send an email. And some like dropping by face-to-face...

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Increase Retention Rates!

Under Promise and Over Deliver

Firstly, identify key frustrations that people have when dealing with people in your industry.

The first step is finding out what annoys your customers when they deal with people in your industry.

Once you find out what their frustrations are, you can put in place measures that eliminate those frustrations. You can then take that one step further and put in place initiatives that take that customer from being indifferent about your business to being a raving fan.

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