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Maryborough Business Coach How To Add Value

How to Add Value to Your Business

by Steve
Checkpoint: You know the current average number of transactions for your business You know how to calculate customer acquisition costs per campaign You have improved your customer service standards and are working on other strategies to encourage repeat business. Increase the perceived value of your products and services to boost the average amount customers spend in your store. Increasing the average amount of money customers spend in store is the last chance you have to increase the total amount of money that flows into your business. Don’t get overwhelmed, you can start small – it’s amazing how small increases can […]
Business coach Hervey Bay Calculate and Lower

How to Calculate and Lower the Cost of Your Customers

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have a system in place for measuring your conversion rate on a daily, weekly, monthly and by-campaign basis. You have chosen two new strategies to implement for an increase in conversions, and are measuring the results. When you buy a product, you want to receive the most for your dollar. The same is true for customer acquisition. Generating leads and converting those leads to customers is a process that costs you money. You can attribute a piece of your marketing and sales costs to each of the customers that you successfully attract and convert. Essentially, you buy customers […]
Hervey Bay Business Coach Conversion Rate

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have implemented two persuasive writing techniques in your marketing materials. You have elaborated on your list of emotional trigger words and phrases that will inspire your target market to take action. Now that your target prospects are answering your call to action, how can you get them to actually become your customers? A big part of your focus to date has been on identifying who your ideal customers are, deciding how to reach them, and how to communicate with them so that they take action and contact you. Converting leads into customers is your next point of focus, […]
Business Coach Maryborough Be A Better Copywriter

How to Be a Better Copywriter

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have created at least two advertisements to use in an upcoming campaign. You have a plan in place to test and measure the success of each advertisement, and make changes based on your results. When writing sales copy, you’re racing to hold your readers’ time. Unlike novels or news stories, sales copy doesn’t have the luxury of a reader’s patience. No one is going to leisurely sit down with your brochure and pour over every word, or analyze your ad to really understand what it’s trying to communicate. Writing for sales means racing to catch and hold your […]