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Business Coach Maryborough Sales Process

How to Streamline Your Sales Process

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have gathered testimonials from several different clients that provide a range of comments on a few areas of your business. You have chosen at least two ways to use those testimonials to your advantage, either online, in-store or in your marketing materials. Give yourself and your staff a refresher on sales 101. The selling process is a system that can be taught, developed and continuously improved upon. When you follow clear, step-by-step actions and have a working knowledge of your product or service and the person who will be buying from you, the system will nearly always result […]
Maryborough Business Coach Strategically

How to Use Testimonials Strategically

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have sent a letter requesting testimonials from your top customers You have begun to ask happy customers at the end of the sales process for a testimonial So now you have a pile of glowing customer testimonials. What’s next? Well, obviously your next step is to use the testimonials you solicited. Generally, you want to place them in your marketing materials and other places where prospective customers will see them. But you probably have a variety of testimonials, in e-mail, letter and verbal format. These testimonials probably speak to a wide range of aspects of your business, and […]
Business coach Hervey Bay Powerful testimonials

How Get Powerful Testimonials

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have implemented a tracking system that you can use on all your marketing campaigns to evaluate their success You know how to use the campaign rate of return calculator to budget for each of your campaigns The words of happy customers can bring about amazing increases in conversion rates. Think about the last time you were looking to hire a contractor, or some type of professional for a service. Or, say, the last time you were about to purchase an expensive item. Who did you consult with before making your decision? Did you ask a friend or colleague […]
Hervey Bay Business Coach Test & Measure

How to Test and Measure Your Results

by Steve
Checkpoint: If you don’t have a website, you have started to create one, and have hired a professional to build it for you. If you do have a website, you have identified opportunities for updates and have started to implement them. Testing and measuring your marketing is critical to the growth and profitability of your business. In fact, unless you have some form of measurement system in place, how will you even know if your business is growing or making a profit? Of course if your net income is greater than your costs, you know you’re making money, but how […]