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Success is measured more than by money

by Steve
in Blog
Do not let money control your life. Although it is nice to have money and to be financially stable in life you will want to make sure that, you have so much more than just that. You need to think about the things that are working for you and what is going to measure your level of success the most.   Success is going to be determined by how good you are feeling about your life. You are going to want to think about the things that you do in life and how you take on challenges.  Do not be […]

Your Small Business Internet Marketing Techniques

by Zaida Cadete
in Blog
Small business internet marketing techniques consist of more than just simple advertising. There may have been a time, in the early days of the net, when any online ad could bring in new customers and generate profits. The internet has matured over the years and not the placement of basic ads isn’t enough to qualify as a marketing campaign. For the sake of our discussion we will say advertising is a more passive activity and marketing is more active. When you place an ad it just sits there doing its job (hopefully), but marketing is about getting people to see […]