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Hervey Bay Business Coach Make More Money

How to Manage Time to Make More Money

by Steve
Checkpoint: Your workspace is organized for productivity and minimizes distractions. You have cleaned out and cleared out areas in your office or business where old stock or surplus office supplies are kept. You have begun to organize your paper and electronic filing into systems, with the help of your staff. Small business owners too often confuse being busy with being successful. They’re not the same thing! In this E-Class we will cover: How you should treat time like money How to calculate what your time is worth The five biggest culprits of time theft Where your time goes in your […]
Business Coach Maryborough Optimize Your Office

How to Optimize Your Office for Success

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have written down at least 18 SMART goals for yourself – nine personal goals, and nine business goals. You’ve posted your goals in a visible location for yourself and your staff. When you organize your work environment, you optimize your surroundings for productivity and increase your ability to work effectively. The steps in this E-Class will help you streamline your office, get rid of clutter and maximize your workspace for productivity. Chances are, the actions you take today to organize will also save you considerable amounts of money. A disorganized office costs more to run. Supplies, tools and […]
Maryborough Business Coach Achieve Your Goals

How to Create, Manage and Achieve Your Goals (Worksheets)

by Steve
Checkpoint: You understand the importance of committing goals to paper. You have identified the areas of your business where you need to set goals. You practice using autosuggestion and visualization regularly – or at least before important meetings, presentations and sales calls. There’s no point in setting goals unless they’re SMART, because SMART goals have the highest probability of being achieved. In this E-Class you’re going to take some time to set a series of personal and business goals that will act as milestones as you work towards achieving your business vision. Many people set goals, but not everyone reaches […]
Hervey Bay Business Coach Goal Setting

How to Make Goal Setting a Part of Your Business

by Steve
Checkpoint: You have scheduled weekly timeslots to complete the E-Classes You have a strong understanding of how the five-part formula works. You understand how the formula can impact all areas of your business. You have taught your staff about the five-part formula, or simply told them that you are embarking on a new marketing strategy that will involve their participation. It’s time to put together your road map. You need to set some goals that support the vision you created. By now you’ve created a really clear vision of where you’re going to take your business, and what it’s going […]
Hervey Bay Business Coach Five-Part Formula

How to Live and Breathe the Five-Part Formula

by Steve
Checkpoint: You’ve created a strong, clear business vision that is realistic and achievable. You’ve posted your vision in a place where you and your staff will be able to see it on a daily basis. You’re going to achieve your vision (and your dreams!) by adopting the five-step process into all areas of your business. It’s one thing to try a new marketing strategy, but it’s another to change your approach altogether. It’s just like dieting. Sure, if you cut 20% of your calories for two weeks you’re going to see some results. But, the minute you go back to […]
Business coach Hervey Bay Create a vision for your Business

How to Create a Vision for Your Business

by Steve
Checkpoint: At the beginning of every E-Class, there will be a “Checkpoint” for you to track your progress with. This might include tasks or worksheets to have completed, skills to have learned, or strategies to have implemented. Since this is your first E-Class, all you need to have completed is the commitment to your own financial success! Here’s how toย create a vision for your business. Welcome to your first E-Class! Are you ready to dive in? The first few E-Classes in this program guide you step-by-step through the process of establishing a strong foundation – or preparation – for the […]