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10 Reasons Why Friendliness Is A Leadership Necessity

by Zaida Cadete
by Brent Filson We’ve heard it many times, “It’s a dog eat dog world.” The trouble is, some leaders actually believe it. They conduct themselves like the alpha dog in a pack, holding sway through intimidation. This instinctive behavior helps insure survival in a dog world, but applied to the human world of organizational dynamics, it can lead to disaster. Alpha dog leadership can eventually turn out to be destructive to the people, their organization, and the leaders themselves. To use another common metaphor, “That dog won’t hunt.” After all, leaders do nothing more important than get results; and the […]

Three Factors Of Leadership Motivation

by Steve
in Blog
Leaders do nothing more important than get results.  But you can’t get results by yourself. You need others to help you do it. And the best way to have other people get results is not by ordering them but motivating them. Yet many leaders fail to motivate people to achieve results because those leaders misconstrue the concept and applications of motivation.   To understand motivation and apply it daily, let’s understand its three critical pillars.  Know these pillars and put them into action to greatly enhance your ability to lead for results.  MOTIVATION IS PHYSICAL ACTION.   “Motivation” has common roots […]